Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears Review

Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears Review
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Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Fit in small spaces
  • The locking mechanism is easy to use

What We Don't Like

  • Plastic handle covers slide around
  • Blade wears down quickly
  • Titanium coating wears away quickly

When you have bushes, plants, and small trees that are starting to grow in all sizes and directions, owning a great pair of bypass pruning shears can help you cut back and reorganize all the plant life that you’ve been fighting.

It’s not wise though to simply by the cheapest pair of pruning shears on the market. To make quality cuts with ease, you need sturdy bypass pruning shears that can cut smoothly.

Is the Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears cut out for this job? Let’s find out.

Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears Review

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Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears is a pair of pruning shears made with long-lasting quality in mind and backed with a lifetime warranty to support that mission. The shears are made from high carbon steel with a titanium coating to give them a strong finish.

Who Is This Product For?

These pruning shears are perfect for the at-home DIY landscaper and gardener. With the right care and proper usage, maintaining these shears for more than five or even ten years to come is possible, so they’re best for someone who is willing to sharpen and lubricate their tools.

If you are someone who likes to use and toss this type of tool instead of dealing with sharpening, these are not the right gardening shears for your home.

What’s Included?

These bypass garden shears come with nothing but the tool itself unless you want to include the lifetime limited warranty. This no-questions-asked promise is offered by Zeemplify to ensure that you receive a quality product that you are happy with for many years to come.

Overview of Features

These bypass pruners from Zeemplify are made from high-quality carbon steel that has been coated with titanium. What does this mean for you?

There are two main things. First, the steel will stay sharp for a more extended period than cheaper materials. Second, you can easily sharpen it when the blade finally does become dull.

It is easy to loosen the bolt mechanism on this tool so that you can fix a broken spring, tighten the tension, or simply lubricate the mechanism with ease. Not all tools at this price point can be taken apart easily, so this is a big appeal.

The lower jaw on these pruners is quite narrow, which is good for cutting flowers or harvesting plants off the stem that is squeezed into tight spaces. You don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging the vegetable or plant while harvesting.

While it is easy to push the locking mechanism into place on these pruners, it is also easy for it to fall into that place when you are trying to maneuver the tool into a small space. This can cause the tool to lock up when you do not want it to, which can be annoying.

How to Use Bypass Garden Shears

Using bypass garden shears isn’t difficult. In fact, they’re known as one of the most straightforward tools to use around the yard.

All you need to do is unlock the locking mechanism, line the blade up with the branch you want to remove and snip it off. In many ways, they work just like scissors.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind though when using bypass shears like the Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you could damage the shears or your plants, and nobody wants that.

  • If your plant grows branches directly opposite from another branch, cut the branches off at a straight angle right above the nub for best healing.
  • If your plant grows branches in alternating directions, cut the branches off at an angle which will allow rain and water to run off, not pool up.
  • Do not attempt to cut anything larger than ½” in diameter with most handheld bypass shears, as they could cause the shears to be irreparably broken.
  • Always clean and wipe off your garden shears when you are finished using them to prevent dirt, grime, or rust from building up on the blades.
  • Sharpen the blades one or two times a year for best results.


The Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears might not be for everyone. If you want a toolset that comes with more than just a simple pair of bypass shears, try the VOCATIONAL KITTY Two-Pack Hand Pruners Set.

This set comes with both bypass pruners and anvil pruners. Bypass pruners are great for live plant growth while anvil pruners are suitable for cutting wood or dead branches away. Between these two pruners, you should be able to cut anything!


Overall, the Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears is a good option for anyone who knows that keeping a tool for many years requires regular upkeep. The base materials used to make these shears can be easily sharpened time and time again, and the design is relatively comfortable to use.

If you want to try out different types of shears instead, you may want to consider trying out the VOCATIONAL KITTY Two-Pack Hand Pruners Set. While these pruners are not as high-quality, they allow you the chance to try both anvil and bypass-style pruners.

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